Monday, May 16, 2011

You are worried about your girl friend whether she is virgin or not? Here I am providing you sure s hot tips by which you can see virginity of a girl.

To check virginity you need to see sign under two heading.

  1. Signs in breasts

a) breasts of virgin are round in shape, hemispherical, firm in consistency with a underdeveloped nipple in centre surrounded by area of pink colour known as areola in a fair lady, in dark lady it may be black to brown.

  1. Signs in vagina

a) labia majora are thick, round, firm, elastic with rounded margin in a virgin, they lie in contact with each other so that vaginal orifice is completely closed in a virgin

b) labia minora is a thin fold of skin, small, soft, sensitive and pink coloured in a virgin and covered by labia majora.

c) Fourchette commissure is intact in virgin

d) Clitoris is small pink coloured in virgin and covered by labia majora

e) Hymen is a mucosal covering of about 1mm thickness at the opening of vaginal orifice, this is of different types like, annular, semilunar, cresentic, infantile, fimbriated, tear will come upto vagina in case of coitus, tear may be one side but in fimbriated in around whole margin.

f) Central opening allows the tip of small finger in 10 year old and in adult lady admits only one finger and force should be applied

g) Vagina is tight, narrow with rugosity

All of the signs are used to prove virginity of female in medico legal cases.

True virgin: hymen intact and all signs of virginity are there how ever in False virgin only intact hymen is present. Even hymenoplasty is done to repair hymen but hymen doesn't prove virginity. There is no way by which you can say that you did not had sex before.Better face consequences. It is the girl who always faces problems in this world.All boys wants only one thing from girls and that is sex. Never go for it before marriage.

  1. Here are some tips to make a boy love you more than anyone in this world:-
(i)Always say good about him on his face.
(ii)Never say him that you love him.
(iii)If you will go for above points you will make him feel that you are getting attracted toward him.Let him think so. He will be always behind you and thinking one day you will accept him, but don't do so.Once you say "YES" he will no longer love you.He will use you and throw you away.All are like that but they never show what they really are.
And in life, always keep on telling someone about your love so that, that person can help you in taking correct decision in love matters and before that " CHOOSE A CORRECT PERSON TO TELL".
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